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Holistic Mobile Veterinarian

Holistic Mobile Veterinarian offers a variety of therapeutic approachs to help ensure animals are able to enjoy maximal improvement for chronic or acute injuries and illnesses, top performance, and lead an exception quality of life. 

Acupuncture, laser therapy, chiropractic and traditional chinese medicine herbals are not meant to replace traditional veterinary care. These are not alternative treatments, but rather integrative methods used in conjunction with good Western veterinary care to provide the most years of happy and healthy living to your dogs, horses, cats and other pets. This is a comprehensive approach to your animal's healthcare in which emphasis is placed to provide the most effective and valuable means of restoring and maintiang your animals' health, strength, vitality and over quality of life. 

A complete examination, including a very thorough and detailed background of your animal's personality and medical history, is used to identify of the cause of your animal's discomforts to ensure we use the correct therapy - whether in conjunction or seperately from that of your regular veterinarian. Fore more information on the various therapies offered by HMV, please read about our Therapeutic Modalities above or call us for more information.

Contact Us

Contact Information:

Anna Goldberg DVM




(203) 939-PETS


(203) 939-7387

Hours of Operation:

Mon, Tues, Wed: 9am - 6pm

Thur: 8am - 7pm

Fri: 8am - 12pm


Sun: By appointment only

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